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November 16, 2023

UK CEO Announcement

Opteven confirms continued investment in its UK businesses to spearhead substantial expected growth.

We have significant plans to build upon success in the UK and are therefore preparing for further growth.

To support this, Ludovic Troyes joined Opteven as CEO, UK & Ireland in September 2023.

Ludovic joined Opteven from Renault Group, bringing with him more than 30 years of automotive experience in sales & marketing roles, from across the UK and overseas, which includes being Global Sales Performance Director and most recently, Managing Director of Renault Retail Group in the UK.

“I’ve joined Opteven at an exciting time where the UK division shows so much growth potential and has the valuable backing of an internationally established group. We already have a foothold in both the retail and corporate sectors and will continue to build upon these successes and further our growth. We have big plans for the UK and Ireland and I’m really looking forward to leading the business in this next exciting phase.” Ludovic Troyes

“We’re thrilled to have Ludovic join Opteven and look forward to the next phase of growth for the company in the UK. This supports our Highway25 Strategic Plan to double the size of our UK activities in the coming years, in our pursuit to build an International Champion with ‘quality’ at our core. We have had great success so far in the UK, but we still have key objectives to achieve. Craig Grant has done a good job for us as UK Managing Director over the last couple of years for which we are very grateful. However we always knew there would be a ‘next phase of growth’ and Craig only wanted to hold the baton until that point. Looking ahead, we will continue our strategy to improve and modernise the suite of products on offer within the UK market, increase our number of distribution channels, and expand the overall market by offering new products and services to new sectors.  Sustainable organic growth will be our foundation, supported by continued investment in both IT and our highly talented colleagues, but we also expect to explore further acquisitions in the UK. We consider ourselves as very different to the traditional operators within the UK as evidenced by the fact that many of our employees are also shareholders, so shareholdings are not reserved for the Group’s Board. We view ourselves very much as ‘One Team’.

Read an interview with Ludovic here.