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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

This website and contents herein are for information purposes only, and does not form part of the contract of insurance. All policy documentation will be provided to the customer by the selling dealership at the point of sale, and they will receive an agreement validation letter as soon as we accept the cover on risk. 

Please ensure that you and your customers carefully read our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) to establish whether the products are suitable for their needs and requirements. Our Opteven mechanical breakdown insurance warranty products and MOT policies are underwritten by Fortegra International Underwriters Limited or Helvetia Group. Unless otherwise stated, our premiums exclude Insurance Premium Tax (I.P.T) or VAT at the applicable rate. 

Copyright © 2016 Opteven UK Limited. All rights reserved. No content on this website may be reproduced or copied without prior written agreement. All trademarks acknowledged. The content of this website can be amended without warning or explanation. Fortegra International Underwriters Limited are part of Fortegra Financial Services Inc. 

Opteven UK are regulated by The Motor Ombudsman. For further details visit  www.themotorombudsman.org