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Our services have been trusted by manufacturers, larger dealer groups and independent dealers for nearly forty years across Europe.

Operations within the UK started in 2015 and have continued to grow, and now account for Opteven’s second largest market behind France, ahead of Italy, Germany and Spain.


Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

Asset Protection

MOT Insurance


Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

We provide and manage mechanical and electrical breakdown warranty programmes for all types of vehicles, whether new or used, with various cover options in addition to ancillary products such as Asset Protection.

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide a range of options relevant to you and your customers.

With comprehensive cover and a variety of product options we can provide a complete range of warranties for every type of vehicle, in addition to giving you access to sales training, point of sale material, reporting and market information accessible through your Account Manager and our dedicated Sales Service Team.

Asset Protection

Accidents happen but there are products available that can help take some of the worry and stress away when unexpected damage occurs.

Designed to provide an additional layer of protection from unforeseen events such as theft and total loss, wheel and tyre damage and minor bumps and scratches, the Safe & Sound Asset Protection family of products can be added to vehicles at time of purchase and sold through different routes to market which have the applicable accreditation. Helping to get customers back on the road, whilst protecting one of their biggest assets.

Looking beyond warranty our insured Asset Protection you to choose a combination of core products, all from one provider, that not only suits your needs but also provides peace of mind to your customers.

MOT Insurance

Going beyond Warranty and Asset Protection, we can also provide MOT Insurance, available for a range of periods.


Roadside assistance is Opteven’s heritage and although we do not provide stand-alone roadside assistance within the UK, we support our UK customers when they are travelling within Europe, and we work with most major roadside assistance providers across Europe.

So customers with Roadside Assistance cover can be sure that they will be supported during their European travels.

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Working with Opteven means you can feel confident you will receive the support and service you need.