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October 2023 saw a record number of pothole related breakdowns in the UK. The AA was called out to 52,541 incidents involving wheel, tyre and suspension damage.[1]

With the condition of UK roads continuing to worsen, it is increasingly making sense for car owners to consider Tyre & Alloy Insurance to protect against the inevitable expense of tyre and alloy damage.

The UK is notorious for its poor roads. Extreme winter temperatures and ageing infrastructure have resulted in an ever-increasing number of potholes marking the nation’s highways. As a result of this, the number of pothole related breakdowns in the UK is at a five-year high. From June 2022 to June 2023, 27,250 breakdowns occurred as a result of a car hitting a pothole and sustaining damage, that’s 20% higher than the previous year.[2]

Consequently, offering your customers tyre and alloy insurance is great way to protect them against possible future costs. It is also an easy upsell that is straightforward to explain to customers.

Our Safe & Sound Tyre and Alloy Insurance is available in three options that provide 12, 24 or 36 months of cover for cars, up to an aggregate limit of £1,250 for Tyres and £1,500 for Alloys. Customers are covered against both accidental and malicious damage to their car’s tyres and/or alloys. To be eligible, the car must be less than ten years old at the start of the policy, principally driven within the UK and not used for any commercial or emergency use including as a taxi, bus, van or dispatch vehicle. The customer must also be the registered keeper, owner or hirer of the car.

Specifically, our Tyre and Alloy insurance cover includes:

  • A maximum of five tyre replacements, up to £250 per tyre and a total cost of £1,250.
  • Unlimited puncture repairs at a maximum cost of £50 per repair including VAT, during the policy term, but limited to the amount on the Policy Schedule.
  • Up to ten alloy wheel repairs, with a maximum cost of £150 per repair and a total cost of £1,500.
  • A contribution of up to £150 per wheel towards a replacement should the alloy be damaged beyond repair.

Given that the state of the nation’s roads is making national headlines, a Tyre & Alloy policy has become a straightforward sell to customers. At a cost of just £266 including IPT for a 12-month policy, a customer may recoup the initial cost with just one tyre claim – or two alloy claims.

Furthermore, thanks to our easy-to-understand policy booklets, there is no need for dealers to have in-depth knowledge of the policy. Our transparent guides leave customers in no doubt about what is and isn’t covered under their policy.

Tyre and Alloy insurance is just one member of our Safe & Sound product family. We also offer warranties for cars, electric vehicles, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles and HGVs; in addition to Asset Protection and MOT insurance. This comprehensive product family provides the opportunity for customers to protect their investments while providing dealers with the opportunity to secure additional income on the sale of every car.

To find out more about our Safe & Sound Tyre and Alloy insurance click here.

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[2] https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/driving-advice/rac-pothole-index-statistics-data-and-projections/